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Handfasting Weddings

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So whats a Handfasting? Its a traditional wedding custom which is where the term" Tie the Knot" comes from. Handfasting is an ancient bonding ceremony. That has been continuously in use from ancient Celtic times till the present day. It was a legal form of marriage in Scotland till 1939.

Handfasting was used long before there were legal marriages, Even when marriages were performed in churches, that was only for rich landowning families, not everyday people.  There was a time when to be seen in public holding hands was a sign that a couple was exclusive to one another. The Handfasting ceremony is built around simply holding hands.  

Historically its origins go way back. Greek and Romans were tied together within a wedding. Still today the Orthodox Church includes the ritual at weddings. Handfasting is once again a popular wedding ritual, it's a bit of fun. 

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There is lots of information on the web about how to conduct a handfasting. I don’t think there is a “the right or wrong way” or the most historic way. The way you choose it the right way for you! Handfasting can be a separate section at the wedding or you can say your vows whilst bound in the handfasting.

During a handfasting, the couple holds hands and their hands are symbolically tied together and they say their vows.  If you are a fan of the movies Princess Bride or Braveheart, or the series Game of Thrones and Outlander- They all had handfastings, Even Will and Kate had a hand fasting.  Handfasting inspired the terms "Bonds of Holy Matrimony"' and “Tie the knot.”

I have learned many handfasting techniques, single and multi cord. And have even created a secret handfasting knot that allows the couple, not the celebrant to actually tie the knot! Handfasting Weddings go great with

Harp weddings too!


I also conduct Weddings in the Illawarra, Kangaroo Valley,  Wollongong Region. As far South as Nowra and as far North as Sydney. Take a look at my sister website

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