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Weddings in the Southern Highlands

How to do a Southern Highlands Traditional White Wedding? Firstly, the sight of the white dress with the groom waiting for his bride. All the details taken care of. That lead up to“ I Do” that creates a traditional white wedding. Getting married is one of the most important moments in a couples life. 

There are so many stunning locations in the Southern Highlands to get married at. From Luxury Resorts or National Park Lookout. To a rented  House or Property bringing the whole family together. There is scope to let your imagination run wild.

A wedding is a moment, an eternal moment in time as it stays with the couple forever. 


Equally, it’s a BIG EXPENSIVE MOMENT that the couple doesn’t really know will work until they are right there at that moment! All the planning is done and the couple has to surrender to the moment, hope the lists are all ticked and everyone does their job!  And a Celebrant role is right at the heart of it all.

Whats involved in Planning and Writing a Wedding Ceremony?

Nowadays there is a modern Australian tradition for weddings that focus on the couples' story. Every engaged couple has a beautiful story. Listening to your journey and writing it into the ceremony is one of the most compelling aspects of my job as your celebrant. Finally delivering a ceremony that reflects your love and life together is the most rewarding thing of all.

Some couples have a very clear picture of how their wedding day will run right from the start. Others have no idea. That's why I'm here, to keep things moving forward during the planning stage and bring it all together on the Wedding Day. 

What's involved in planning a Wedding Ceremony?

  • Meet. You share your vision and I share my experience. You let me know what vibe you and I get an idea of who you are.

  • Choose. I provide you with material to choose from and ask a series of questions to draw inspiration to write your story.

  •  Write. I write and send you a First Draft for your approval. You edit and add as you wish, collaboration always creates great ceremonies.

  • Final meeting - Rehearsal. We walk and talk through the ceremony and take care of final legal paperwork. You laugh or cry, make all the mistakes in private and I sort things out and tell you everything is going to be fine. 

  • Get married! On the day I'll be on time and ready to respond to any last-minute matters. You'll be as ready as you'll ever be and I'll be keeping an eye on the groom and the location to make sure we are all ready for the Bride.

  • After the wedding. I'll register the Marriage and follow up personally. Professionally I can assist in applying for the document you need to change surname.  I give you a Wedding Certificate on the Day. The Government issues a ' Marriage Registration Certificate" after the day.


Head over to the Legal Page for more on those matters.

Every couple hopes for a perfect wedding day. When everything lines up like “ it was all meant to be” and I want that for you too. Having been always keenly aware that you only get one shot at a wedding. So I only get one chance to get it right for you. Each and every wedding is the most important wedding for me too.


No matter how large and small, how laid back or formal. Because I have witnessed what emotionally happens between the couple the moment they exchange vows. That's what makes me fall in love with being a celebrant! 1 wedding at a time. Head to the Gallery Page to see any happy couples.


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