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How to Micro Wedding in the Southern Highlands

Micro Weddings in the Southern Highlands. Micro weddings are trending at the moment. Covid has created a lot of uncertainty for wedding planning. Many couples have reassessed their priorities when it comes to their wedding. Especially, the size of their guest list. Couples are now choosing an intimate ceremony with those closest to them.

The wedding experience nowadays can be shared online globally through photos and remote gathering such as Face Time and Zoom. Especially for families who cannot travel globally at the moment. Choosing a beautiful location where the photos are stunning has become a priority. A location of natural beauty can be an expression of a couple's deep love and respect for the environment.

When the wedding is documented through the eye of the professional photographer in order to share with people around the globe. There is less need to actually have everyone present in person. Also, a micro wedding can cut a lot of stress out of the wedding day. That allows the couple to remain more grounded. The photos tell the story of a relaxed and happy couple on their wedding day.

The heart of every wedding is the ceremony and vow exchange. That's what your guests have gathered to witness! That does not change in a micro wedding. It's still a traditional wedding ceremony. The bridal entrance, the groom waiting for his bride, the tears of joy. The amazing happiness that kicks in after " the kiss" is all condensed down to what's important. To the couple and the people who matter in their lives.

The Southern Highlands offers a really beautiful backdrop for micro weddings. There are so many gorgeous and spacious weekend rentals that can accommodate family and friends, for the entire micro wedding experience. The ceremony and reception and accommodation all rolled into one. Many hands to help out, and everyone feels they have contributed to the event. Call the caterers in to feed everyone. Or even hire a chef to cook in that fabulous kitchen. Spending extended time with your closest people, really connecting, can make for a very intimate and special time for everyone. Then the couple can either stay on or take off for some serious time alone on the honeymoon. Although at the moment the micro wedding is the honeymoon with accomodation booked the week after the wedding as well.

Nowadays, bigger is not always better. Now, you share your day differently. Through the lens of a professional photographer. A micro wedding can be captured and for the world to view, in a location of outstanding beauty. FaceTime, Zoom, and Video all help connect globally. The world has changed, so have weddings. Allocating more of the wedding budget to one amazing venue for a smaller amount of people makes sense financially as well.

Another change I've noticed is a shorter lead times for weddings. You know what, 6 weeks is long enough to plan a micro wedding, as all the choices become more manageable. Except maybe finding the dress! What you do need is: a date, Celebrant, photographer and location locked in. After that it's flowers, wedding ceremony design such as seating and arbour + what kind of catering will be served.

As we all know the reception is the largest cost in a wedding. Feeding 100 people is a big deal, costs big bucks, and can make or break a guest's memory of the wedding. Even with the best intentions of planning to welcome and thank each guest. There isn't the time to create a connection. Often, as the couple has just been through such a huge emotional event, LIKE MARRYING EACH OTHER! They are not ready to either! Micro weddings can be a lot gentler on the couple too. Particularly, if either of them doesn't like to be the centre of attention.

The Southern Highlands has fantastic produce to take advantage of and some fabulous food companies. You can DIY if you have a small guest list and confident foodies in the family. Or call the caterers in to feed everyone. From a vegan banquet t a spit roast, you can find something to suit your tastes. Even hire a chef to cook in that dream kitchen in the amazing house you've made home for the week or weekend.

To recap, micro weddings redefine priorities for wedding planning. Smaller, more intimate weddings with your nearest and dearest can make sense on so many levels. Emotionally, socially and financially, you can still share online with everyone else.

I know of some lovely Southern Highlands Micro Wedding Locations. Reach out and lock in your micro wedding, I love micro weddings too!

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